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In Greece recent clinical human trials using high phenolic EVOO for stage 2 Alzheimers patients and chronic lymphoblastic leukemia have shown that high phenolic EVOO may be more than just a food. Positive results were observed by simply replacing with 40 grams a day high phenolic EVOO with their ordinary EVOO with no other diet intervention produced spectacular results in Alzheimer patients after 1 year and for lymphoblastic leukemia patients after only 3 months. None of the human volunteers who took part were on any prescription medication for their condition.


“In the first study of its kind carried out under the supervision of Professor Magda Tsolakis from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, early harvest EVOO oil with high phenolic content managed to reduce symptoms in patients with mild cognitive decline (precursor stage of Alzheimer’s disease), much more than simple olive oil after consumption of 40 grams a day for one year. The patients that were given ordinary extra olive oil showed no significant change.

This is the first time that the action of high phenolic olive oil in the protection of the central nervous system seems to be verified in humans after many extensive studies carried out in experimental animals at various universities around the world.


In the second study carried out under the supervision of Peloponnese University Professor Paola Rohas, using olive oil rich in oleocanthal administered for a period of three months to patients with chronic lymphoblastic leukemia and the impressive results showed a statistically significant decrease in white blood cells and death of specified cancer cells.

Patients fed with high phenolic EVOO rich in hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol showed no change in the white blood cell count.

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