Transform the world of food into medicine

Our Story

Patras Science Park MILESTONE

Almost 8 years ago we decided to act and disrupt our own personal life stance in order to bring the change that we want to see in the world one step closer to our homes. It was a MILESTONE for us to let aside the comfort zone but we were determined to apply our scientific knowledge in the transformation of food and allow our dreams to guide us. We named this company OF DREAMS AND KNOWLEDGE® in order to capture just that. Eight years later our company produces and distributes some of the most innovative functional foods on the planet, is housed in Patras Science Park – one of the most prestigious science centers in Greece, actively participates in clinical trials in Greece and the United States of America, receives countless positive testimonials from consumers all over the world and is one of the most awarded start up health companies in Greece. We are proud of this history and will do everything to continue serving you with nature’s most innovative synergistic functional formulas.

Our R&D

milestone research and development

Research and Development for us starts in nature and then steps on the lab. OF DREAMS AND KNOWLEDGE® selects unmatched quality ingredients from all over the planet and develops the most effective and functional formulations for different health needs. We collaborate with top scientific teams from Universities and Advanced Labs in Greece and the United States in order to examine our products and continue to unravel some of the scientific secrets of nature’s most potent bioactive compounds. We participate in various clinical trials and or research programs in order to explore the role of these compounds in short and long term human health. Our knowledge is transformed into products in Patras Science Park.

Our Mission

R&D milestone food for your genes

To contribute in the understanding of the general natural food matrix in personalized human health. Our mission is to research, develop and bring to your door some of the most complex natural functional foods; personalized to your individual genetic needs. These innovative functional foods go miles beyond the basic nutritional value and attain all attributes in promoting optimal health by helping reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases.