Preventive Nutritional Value
The easiest way to prepare something cool and healthy is a salad. When it contains the following ingredients, its nutritional value reaches new heights. Artichokes offer a variety of nutrients with predominantly antioxidants and fiber. Quinoa contains complete vegetable protein, iron and a lot of magnesium. The herbs give incomparable nutrition with folic acid and freshness in a salad ideal as a complete meal. Almonds offer omega-3 fats, protein and a delicious crunch. Red pepper contains 160% of the daily requirement of vitamin C and 16% of vitamin A. So good nutrition!

1 cup of boiled quinoa
1 bunch of fresh arugula
1 jar of artichokes
1 red pepper
2 spring onions
Dill, mint from a handful
1 tablespoon olive paste
1 handful of chopped almonds
Vinaigrette MILESTONE®:
3 tablespoons organic olive oil MILESTONE®
2 tablespoons organic MILESTONE® pomegranate extract
1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar or white vinegar
1 tablespoon olive paste
Combine the chopped vegetables. In a deep bowl, combine the vinaigrette ingredients and mix with the wire. Pour over to your salad.