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High Phenolic Olive Oil with Vegan Omega 3 6 9


  • Ideal for – Anti-oxidative Stress Food
  • Why MILESTONE® – Because vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants should be received in their purest natural form.
  • Why Plant-Based – Because we truly care about the planet and we do everything to sustain its biodiversity. A 100% clean, pesticides free, synergistic functional food, with no impact on animal resources.
  • Highly Concentrated – Each MILESTONE ® high phenolic olive oil bottle contains at least 50 times more anti-oxidants than common olive oil and the full complex of vegan omega 3 6 9.
  • Bioavailability – Cold pressing under oxygen free conditions guarantee that the bioavailability of nutrients remains intact.
  • High Quality – Squeezed almost instantly with the highest industry standards and certified processes in order to increase its health effect. It is always protected in a dark glass bottle to prevent photo-oxidation and migration of microplastics until it reaches your hands.
  • No1 in Greek Pharmacies – It is the best selling high phenolic olive oil product in Greek pharmacies.
  • Five Unique Characteristics – Rich in Omega 3 (ALA), Omega 6 and Omega 9 (oleic acid) fatty acids, with natural hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol bioactive compounds, without additives or preservatives.


Vegan Plant Based Omega 3 6 9 

Among our best-sellers is our High Phenolic Olive Oil with plant based omega 3 6 9. An anti-oxidative stress food that is good for your heart and brain, it is abundant with Omega 3 (ALA), Omega 6 and Omega 9 (oleic acid) fatty acids, with natural hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol bioactive compounds. As a result, MILESTONE®’s highest polyphenol olive oil possesses at least 50 times more anti-oxidants than common olive oil and is the number 1 high phenolic olive oil product in pharmacies in Greece. The cold pressing and squeezing are done almost instantly under oxygen-free conditions to ensure every beneficial ingredient remains bioavailable to further promote its health effects.

Health Benefits of High Phenolic Olive Oil

MILESTONE ® is one of the most awarded polyphenol rich olive oils internationally – clinically proven. It originates purely from the olive tree and is the perfect everyday functional food that you and your kids may use safely and effectively.

Read our Product Manual

Read more on the high phenolic olive oil product manual below and should you have any queries, feel free to browse our FAQ page or get in touch with us for more information.

- Food for Diabetes - Food for Heart - Food for Cholesterol - Food for Omega 3 (only ALA) - Food for Kids - Food for Brain - Food for Blood Pressure

Receive orally 10 ml every morning on empty stomach. This product is designed for at least 30 dosages.

Olive variety Olea Europaea with very high phenolic composition >> 250 mg/kg

Produced with slow technological practices, certified organic, cold extracted under zero oxygen conditions

The daily consumption of 20 gr of the analyzed olive oil sample, provides at least 5 mg of hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol or their derivatives (>5 mg). Consequently, the oil belongs to the category of oils that protect the blood lipids from oxidative stress, according to the Regulation 432/2012 of the European Union. It should be noted that oleocanthal and oleacein present important biological activity. They have been related to the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cardioprotective and neuroprotective activity.

Ideally keep refrigerated after opening

Health stores, pharmacies, natural stores specializing in natural extracts, natural supplements, functional food stores.

The Department of Pharmacognosy and Natural Product Chemistry, University of Athens, Greece

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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 6.6 × 6.6 × 16 cm

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