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Pomegranate Concentrate with Vegan Curcumin + Vitamin D3


  • Ideal for – Anti-inflammatory Food
  • Why MILESTONE® – Because vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants should be received in their purest natural form.
  • Why Plant-Based – Because we truly care about the planet and we do everything to sustain its biodiversity. A 100% clean, pesticides free and functional food combination with no impact on animal resources.
  • Highly ConcentratedThe advanced Liquid Curcumin Extract is encased in tiny spheres called micelles which quickly enter the bloodstream and stay there far more effectively than the hundreds of turmeric supplements available on the general market. The addition of Vitamin D3 uplifts the anti-inflammatory response to even greater heights. All this, is uniquely combined with nature’s most potent fruit, the pomegranate. Each bottle contains at least 30 healthy, high-quality organic pomegranates.
  • Crystallization Effect – During storage at low temperatures (e.g. refrigerator), our curcumin extract crystallizes, and you may experience larger-sized particles forming at the top of the liquid concentrate. Due to this unique functional food being 100% natural, it is important to remember to shake it very well before use; for a smooth and pleasant texture experience.
  • Bioavailability – Our curcumin extract is 185 times more bioavailable (AUC 24h) than anything out there. It’s high bioavailability ensures that it will be absorbed into your body in as little as 66 minutes (versus up to 450 minutes for native curcumin) and will last as long as 24 hours (versus approximately 2 hours for native curcumin). It is confirmed by nutritional scientists based on 3 human clinical trials.
  • High Quality – MILESTONE ® products are manufactured with all the necessary certifications and are checked daily. Pomegranate Extract is protected in a dark glass bottle to prevent photooxidation and migration of microplastics until it reaches your hands.
  • No1 in Greek Pharmacies – Your 1st choice of functional foods in pharmacies.
  • Five Unique Characteristics – 95% Pure Curcuminoids, Vitamin D3, Omega 5, with natural elagic acid and punicalagins, without additives or preservatives:
    1. Up to 185 times better bioavailable (AUC 24h)
    2. 453 Cmax
    3. 7 times faster (Tmax)
    4. Confirmed in gold standard human trial
    5. Peer-reviewed scientific journal publication

Foods for Inflammation

Our new formula combines the anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties of the pomegranate with the anti-inflammatory strength of curcumin plus the benefits of vitamin D3. Our curcumin bioavailability is 185 times more (AUC 24h) than most common supplements in the market. This synergistic combination makes sure that it will be absorbed into your body in as little as 66 minutes (versus up to 450 minutes for native curcumin) and will last as long as 24 hours (versus approximately 2 hours for native curcumin).

Clinically Supported Health Benefits

Designed in a cruelty free way to enhance your experience of vitamin D3 and Curcuminoids intake through a delicious and strikingly healthy food combination. No matter how you choose to use it, our pomegranate concentrate with vegan curcumin extract provides clinically supported benefits. We guarantee that it will transform your juice, smoothie or any salad into a delicious functional food combination.

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