Biofunctional Foods

Biofunctional foods directly from nature with high bioavailability. It is not a tablet or a pill. It is nature's most potent antioxidant foods, designed with high health promoting benefits.

Slow, Organic & Holistic

Supporting wildlife farming and biodiversity is currently the backbone of global food security in the developing world. We design and produce strictly under a slow, organic and holistic model.

Support Your Muscle Function

Pomegranate Extract improves athletic ability and recovery by delivering more oxygen to your muscle tissue


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Functional foods are highly nutritious and are known to have several potentially positive health benefits. They can promote optimal health such as the promotion of proper development, and help reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases: MILESTONE ® Food For Your Genes.

The World of Biofunctional Foods in Singapore

When included in a balanced diet regularly, and consumed at efficacious levels, biofunctional supplements and foods provide therapeutic benefits that can be likened to that of superfoods. Beyond the inclusion of vegetables, fruits, seeds, and spices, MILESTONE® understands the convenience of adding supplements packed with antioxidants despite our busy lifestyles. Having sustainability and clean eating at the forefront of our values, our vegan health supplements not only provide the basic micro and macronutrients, but also contain additional unique compounds, otherwise not found in everyday foods.

  • Nutrient Bioavailability
    With a higher nutrient bioavailability, these biofunctional and vegan vitamin supplements have an abundance of nutrients that have an active effect on bodies, allowing you to get the most out of foods
  • Natural ingredients
    It is a food (not a tablet, or powder) derived from natural ingredients
  • Daily Diet
    It can and should be consumed as part of the daily diet
  • Functional
    It has a particular function when eaten, serving to regulate a particular body process
  • Lifestyle
    Taking care of the 'whole you' - your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being
  • Prevention
    Reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases. Slow down the aging process
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Biofunctional Foods & Holistic Health Supplements by MILESTONE®

From vegan B12 supplements to  vegan CA, K supplements, MILESTONE® boasts a diverse range of organic supplements in our online catalogue. Browse our extensive selection and add them to our cart today. Subscribe to our newsletter for more updates on vegan health supplements to buy online and the benefits of adding these organic supplements to your diet.