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Vegan Functional Foods

Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as they should be!

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Health Awards
In a world full of chemical trails, we strive to communicate the values of foods that are clean, ethical, and functional.
Functional foods have a positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition. They can promote optimal health and help naturally reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases.

Functional Foods vs Supplements

Having sustainability and clean eating at the forefront of our values, our vegan healthy foods not only provide the basic micro and macronutrients, but also contain unique bioactive compounds, otherwise not found in everyday foods and supplements. Functional foods are not made equal to conventional foods or supplements.

functional foods versus supplements
functional foods vs supplements
What are functional foods and why they are important for me?

Functional foods are a new category of foods with certified health benefits and much higher bioavailability rates than most dietary supplements. They are foods that will have a positive effect on your health beyond basic nutrition. Clinical evidence suggests that functional foods may reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases and that vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants should better be received from foods rather than supplements.

What is the difference between our functional foods, common foods and supplements?

They are neither drugs nor supplements. Nutrients from functional foods are combined in a specific way and perform synergistically in that “format”, containing a number of unique bioactive compounds, enzymes, polyphenols, activators, nutritive compounds and more that cannot be found in drugs or supplements. This unique complex is scientifically called the complex food matrix.

Everyday foods contain a long list of macro and micro nutrients. The cultivation and processing methods affect the concentration of those substances in the final food matrix. It is scientifically evident that most everyday foods do not possess the right amount of those substances to alleviate serious nutrient or vitamin deficiencies in our body.

How will functional foods work in my body?

Nutrients from our functional foods are not isolated components, but rather biochemical systems composed of several linked substances that work synergistically to fulfill and regulate many different functions and processes in the body. They possess cardioprotective, neuroprotective, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and hormonal balancing properties.

Is it for me? How may I benefit from consuming functional foods daily?
  1. In a nutshell, everyone with different dietary needs and health goals.
  2. Kids and toddlers: overall mental and physical development. Keeps them strong and active.
  3. Pre/post-natal nutrition
  4. People managing various acute and chronic health conditions.
  5. People undergoing various medical treatments, pre/post-surgery recovery.
  6. People seeking to manage anti-oxidative stress and reverse signs of aging.
  7. The elderly who are facing degenerative diseases, e.g. mild cognitive impairments (Alzheimer's, Parkinsons disease), osteoporosis, arthritis, and many similar conditions.
What is so unique about our vegan functional foods?
  1. We apply a unique set of proprietary protocols in the field that gives rise to very high amounts of vital nutrients and bioactive compounds before processing. Our functional foods are free of any chemical contaminants or microplastics that may harm you.
  2. We then very gently process these highly nutritious fruits in order to preserve their health properties in liquid form via innovative processing practices. Our innovation comes at all stages, ensuring zero oxygen conditions during processing, optimum time and temperature control.
  3. We design unique liquid functional foods formulas in view of increasing their bioabsorption and bioavailability in the body.
  4. We are committed to offering you functional nutrition products that can truly change your life.
  5. We innovate at all stages from soil to the final drop. Discover more about us, what makes us happy and proud.

Functional foods go much beyond basic nutrition. We currently hold health claims certificates for all our products, as dictated by European Food & Drug Administration Authority. Practically this means that they have the capacity to rejuvenate and provide the healing capability to the body with numerous medicinal benefits. Our functional foods have always been at the center of numerous clinical studies and trials conducted by some of the most prestigious Institutions globally.

Clean Effective Ethical Ingredients

We select our functional bases always in view of our main values. They need to be clean, effective, and ethical. Our products are completely free of chemical residues, they are truly functional foods that go beyond the organic definition and act upon the regulation of certain functions in the body, naturally and effectively. We are proud to be manufacturing those 4 ingredients in an ethical manner for both people and the environment. All our functional foods are eco-conscious, sustainable, and animal-friendly.

functional high-phenolic olive oil
30 x Stronger Anti-aging Activity

Our worldwide unique pomegranate concentrate facilitates iron absorption

Our pomegranate concentrate possesses one of the highest amount of polyphenols ever recorded.

10ml pomegranate concentrate by milestone food for your genes
thirty times more antiaging pomegranate concentrate
boost hematocrite pomegranate concentrate
polyphenols record pomegranate concentrate
High Bioavailability Fast Absorption

Our curcumin extract is 185 times more effective than any other supplement

Its high bioavailability ensures that it will be absorbed into your body in as little as 66 minutes (versus up to 450 minutes for native curcumin) and will last as long as 24 hours (versus 2 hours for native curcumin). This is confirmed by nutritional scientists based on 3 human clinical trials.

water soluble functional curcumin by milestone food for your genes
185 times more bioavailable curcumin extract
fast absorption curcumin extract milestone food for your genes
stays longer in your body curcumin extract
Algae vs Fish Oil Potency

As much as 62% of consumers choose plant-based Omega 3s

EPA and DHA in fish come from algae. Smaller fish eat it, and it travels up the food chain from there. So why don’t we choose to go directly to the purest source of Omega 3s? More people are beginning to understand this.

avoid overfishing omega 3 from algae
algae 85 more potent than fish oil
algae omega 3 no iodine thyroid health functional foods
no impact on fish algae functional foods for omega 3
Polyphenol Concentration


Our medical-grade olive oil contains no trace of chemical compounds, fertilizers or nitric residues. It is among the richest medical olive oils in bioactive compounds, e.g. oleocanthal, oleacin, hydroxytyrosol and tyrosol among others.

free of pesticides high-phenolic olive oil
fifty times more antioxidant high-phenolic olive oil
best fat in the world high-phenolic olive oil
omega 3 vitamin E high-phenolic olive oil

Natural vs Synthetic Nutrients

The vitamins and biochemical compounds found within our foods are not isolated. They are highly complex structures that combine a variety of enzymes, coenzymes, antioxidants, trace elements, activators and many other factors all working together synergistically, to enable these natural healthy foods to do their job in your body. “Nutrients from within this complex cannot be isolated from the whole, and then be expected to be as effective in the body as the whole complex is designed to do.” Read more on our recent enlightening article on natural vs synthetic nutrients and discover why vegan functional foods outperform supplements.

  • Nutrient Bioavailability
    Getting the most out of food
  • Natural ingredients
    It is a food (not a tablet, or powder) derived from natural ingredients
  • Daily Diet
    It can and should be consumed as part of the daily diet
  • Functional Nutrition
    It has a particular function when eaten, serving to regulate a particular body process
  • Lifestyle
    Taking care of the 'whole you' - your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being
  • Prevention
    Reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases. Slow down the aging process

Food for your Genes by MILESTONE®

Our vegan functional foods have award-winning sensory characteristics and are served in an eco-friendly and sustainable packaging. Explore below and find out why our formulas deliver the highest bioavailability factors in the most natural and safe way. No matter which one you choose, our vegan foods offer an unmatched health experience.

What is high phenolic olive oil?

High phenolic olive oil is defined as an olive oil that is extremely high in phenols and is without a doubt the best fat in the world! The pharma industry typically enriches common olive oil with synthetic compounds (isolated compounds not found in nature) in order to add those extra health attributes. The vital bioactive compounds and their derivatives are missing, i.e. oleocanthal, oleasin, oleuropein and many more, which cannot by defnition be produced in the lab. As a result, it has little to no health benefits.
Our high phenolic olive oil is produced with the world's most innovative olive processing practices in order to naturally sky-rocket those bioactive compounds. Clinical trials prove that they have certified neuroprotective, cardioprotective, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory health benefits - European Food Safety Authority (EU REG 432/2012).

What is medical-grade pomegranate concentrate?

Pomegranate is one of nature's most anti-oxidant fruits. It contains a range of extremely healthy bioactive compounds, unmatched by other foods. Studies show that this amazing fruit offers tremendous health benefits for your body, including lowering the risk of various diseases. MILESTONE® Medical Pomegranate Concentrate has one of the highest polyphenol concentration ever to be recorded, very rich in calcium, potassium, iron, and polyphenols. A bottle of this concentrated functional food contains at least 30 healthy, and organic pomegranates.

Why choose our functional algae oil over fish oil?

There is a plethora of scientific evidence showing that food for omega-3 from algae is much more effective than fish oil in absorbing EPA, DHA, and ALA, while offering great advantages to preserving our planet’s natural resources by avoiding overfishing. 62% of consumers would prefer algae-based omega-3.

What makes our functional curcumin so unique?

Our curcumin extract is 185 times more bioavailable than anything out there. Its high bioavailability ensures that it will be absorbed into your body in as little as 66 minutes (versus up to 450 minutes for native curcumin) and will last as long as 24 hours (versus approximately 2 hours for native curcumin). It is confirmed by nutritional scientists based on 3 human clinical trials.

How can our functional formulas be combined?

All our formulas can be combined synergistically to target any specific health condition. Please feel free to navigate to our top menu, where you may search by health category, ingredients category, and group category.

  • pomegranate concentrate with vitamin b12 and iron

    Pomegranate Concentrate with Vegan Vitamin B12 and Iron

    Synthesis: Pomegranate Concentrate + Vitamin B12
    Ingredients Source: 100% Natural
    10ml/Day: Β12: 20μg
    Action: Mood + Energy Food
    Bioavailability: Food Synergy
    Brand: MILESTONE® Food for your Genes
    Manufacturer: OF DREAMS AND KNOWLEDGE®
    Color: Red
    28.00 Add to cart
  • high phenolic olive oil with omega 3 6 9

    High Phenolic Olive Oil with Vegan Omega 3 6 9

    Synthesis: High Phenolic Olive Oil
    Ingredients Source: 100% Natural
    10ml/Day: Phenols: 5mg Omega: 3 (ALA) 6 9
    Action: Food Antioxidants
    Bioavailability: Food Synergy
    Brand: MILESTONE® Food for your Genes
    Manufacturer: OF DREAMS AND KNOWLEDGE®
    Color: Green
    23.00 Add to cart
  • high phenolic olive oil with vitamin d3

    High Phenolic Olive + Vegan Algae Vitamin D3 Oil

    Synthesis: High Phenolic Olive + Algae D3 Oil
    Ingredients Source: 100% Natural
    10ml/Day: D3: 600IU
    Action: Immune + Bones Food
    Bioavailability: Food Synergy
    Brand: MILESTONE® Food for your Genes
    Manufacturer: OF DREAMS AND KNOWLEDGE®
    Color: Yellow
    28.00 Add to cart
  • high phenolic olive oil with omega 3 from algae functional foods by milestone food for your genes

    High Phenolic Olive + Vegan Algae Omega 3 Oil (EPA DHA ALA)

    Synthesis: High Phenolic Olive + Algae Omega 3 Oil
    Ingredients Source: 100% Natural
    10ml/Day: Omega 3: 300mg
    Action: Brain + Heart Food
    Bioavailability: Food Synergy
    Brand: MILESTONE® Food for your Genes
    Manufacturer: OF DREAMS AND KNOWLEDGE®
    Color: Blue
    28.00 Add to cart

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Milestone Moments

For the past 10 years, we have been involved in some of the most inspiring and moving situations in life, where each failed attempt was celebrated as a discovery. There are some special moments that connect us all. Our origins connect us to our future. Feel free to chat with us, and let us know your questions. We typically respond in less than 24 hours.



Back in 2014 we were nominated as one of the most innovative business ideas in Greece. Our goal was and still is to disrupt the food industry by bringing to life some of the most innovative and game changing food on the planet.


expansion new singapore warehouse

It was a milestone year for us that led to the introduction and build up of a new base right in the heart of the Asian market. Our new Singaporean base was designed in order to address the increasing Asian demand for plant-based functional foods.


recent discoveries clinical trials

Receving our first official citations in peer reviewed journal publications. It coincides with the recent discovery of elenolide, a new anti-hypertensive substance found in medical-grade olive oil. We are proud to be participating in 2 more clinical trials in U.S. and Greece since then.


functional food product awards

By 2022 we had already acquired 17 prestigious health awards in international functional food competitions. We continue to expand on this list selectively and only when we think that we have made an advancement to our current research and development status.


nutrigenomics experts endorsements

We have received more than 178 endorsements from top nutritionists and nutrigenomics experts globally. Professionals who choose to embrace our products are doing so because they have fallen in love with our brand. We always follow an independent review process.


APAC Insider most innovative brand

Nominated as the most innovative functional food brand in Singapore for 2023. A recently added reward to showcase our commitment in producing the best functional foods on the planet.